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    Institute for Leaders and National Leadership Conference By Elise Chandler

    Institute for Leaders and National Leadership Conference was held in Chicago, Illinois from June 28- July 2. Institute for Leaders, (IFL). Tri Leadership presented this seminar and helped all officers and members that attended to become better at their position.   Read More...

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    SOLTs by: Colton Bullard

    The Alabama FBLA State Officer team got the chance to join with all the CTSO’s in Alabama to learn many new leadership skills and styles. Leadership skills such as the “Be honest Scale” a scale in which we know how much criticizing we can each take or give out, we even learned our leadership style;  I am an “Actor” the one who keeps everyone on their toes. We gained an experience many of us had never experienced before by meeting all the amazing people and making memories that will truly la...  Read More...

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    I Don’t Get It

    Who is teaching us to look deeper?If you read a blog post, and it begins with an analogy about car dealers, is your instinct to say, “well, I’m not a car dealer…” and then jump to the next post?When you see something working (or not working) in the marketplace, something you don’t understand, do you stop to figure out why it’s working (or not working)? Or is it easier to change the attention channel and get back into line? Read More   Read More...

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    Good Luck in Chicago at NLC!


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